Who We Are

We Are Fierce Advocates For Arts & Culture.


McNeil Creative Enterprises (MCE) is an arts innovation firm dedicated to the increased visibility and growth of arts and culture in communities. Through our in-house expertise, strategic partners and networks,  MCE partners with artists, arts & culture leaders, and transformational leaders in the private, social and public sectors to reinvigorate program operations, document impact, ignite growth and invest in organizations that will drive promotion and engagement of the arts in communities.



Our Core Values

We approach each engagement with compassion, transparency and curiosity. We work together with our clients to truly get a sense of who they are, how they arrived there, what their goals are and how to create a realistic and actionable roadmap for their future.



“Art is the one place we all turn to for solace.”

~Carrie Mae Weems

Why Art?

Art transforms lives. Art builds community. Art improves holistic health. Art fuels change.


Our Challenge

How do we empower communities to blossom through artistic experiences? How do we ensure and document the success of arts and culture organizations? What tools do we share with artists and arts organizations to support them in their journey toward making the arts accessible to all?


Our Expertise

Using the knowledge we’ve gained from years of working with arts organizations, social enterprises, and community development groups, we have a tried-and-true process for growing your vision. We are strategists who look at your program or initiative from a holistic perspective and come up with a plan to make it viable. Then, we walk with you hand-in-hand to implement it.


Want us to put together a completely customized project plan for you? Contact us and we’ll get started.