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Ava Stone

Creative Associate

Ava is an aspiring non-profit and business consultant, passionate about innovative projects that drive social change and community engagement. She began working in the non-profit sector in 2011 for Initiatives of Change, an organization dedicated to facilitating inter-racial and inter-faith dialogues around collective trauma. Since then, she’s emphasized the power of dialogue to foster discussions around community solutions for development.

In the past year, Ava has worked as a consultant applying human-centered design, agile principles, and co-creation to help launch strategic partnerships in the private and social sectors. Prior to that, she worked for FSG, a global non-profit consulting firm that applies Collective Impact and Shared Value approaches to economic development. At FSG, Ava focused on developing skills in business strategy, project management, and data visualization. She co-designed a curriculum for consultants in the social sector to approach their work with a lens for equity and inclusion. She also led an employee-driven awareness campaign around microaggressions in the workplace.  Prior to that, she was a Program Assistant at the Open Society Foundations working on Roma Rights and Advocacy, Good Governance, and Grants Administration under the Office of the President.

Ava is driven by her curiosity and love of people and culture. From 2007 to 2013, she served as a director for student theater productions and as a member of various improv troupes. At present, she’s a student of the Unified Scene Theater company in Washington, DC where she studies long-form improv. She connects her exposure to different people and cultures to communicate the nuances of society that are often left unstated and overlooked.

That same curiosity led her to pursue post-secondary studies abroad. She started her undergraduate studies in Madrid, Spain in 2008. She later received a Bachelor of the Arts in International Social Justice and Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2013, Ava went to Malta to pursue a dual master’s degree in Conflict Analysis/Resolution and Mediterranean Security through a program administered by George Mason University.

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“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

~John F. Kennedy