Workshops. Interviews. Honors. Fundraisers.

  • Thu
    8:00 amInternational Association of Blacks in Dance Conference, Los Angeles, CA

    The International Association of Blacks in Dance  (IABD) is part of the Comprehensive Organizational Health Initiative (COHI) funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. COHI builds organizational resiliency within the national arts ecosystem by broadening access to resources in underserved regions, creating more equitable systems of support for artists and cultural organizations, and strengthening community participation. While participating in COHI, IABD launched an effort to document the stories of blacks in dance as informed by a representative sample of IABD member organizations in a report called The Black Report: The State of the Union for Blacks in Dance.  MCE is a contributor to this report.

    IABD and MCE presented the preliminary results from The Black Report  during the 2018 IABD conference in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Thu
    11:30 amArmy Navy Country Club, Arlington VA

    For the last several years the Leadership Center for Excellence has identified 40 leaders under the age of 40 that live in the DC metro area and are actively committed to creating change in their community and/or profession. These leaders are doing incredibly impactful work in health, education, the arts, technology, environment, and the law. Alison  was recognized as one of 40 individuals doing work to change the world. Alison was recognized for efforts to create equitable systems in the arts and culture sector. What an honor!




  • Wed
    5:30 pmRhode Island State Council on the Arts

    Supported by a collaboration between the Rhode Island Foundation, the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, and the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, the Expansion Arts Program (EAP) offers funding and organizational assistance to community-based, culturally diverse arts and cultural organizations. To support the capacity building efforts of the EAP grantees, Alison co-designed and presented a 3-hour workshop with her Third Eye Cultural Collaborative colleagues to help grantees better understand the grant making process. Participants discussed ways to navigate the traditional grantmaking system, learned how grantmakers are working to reduce funding gaps and disparities to address the cultural equity issues in philanthropy,  investigated creative models that are emerging to support artists and organizations and went through the process of looking at their organization’s traits and systems and developed a practical plan to begin to work with grantmakers.



  • Sun
    1:00 pmAmerican University Katzen Arts Center 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016

    Alison will be moderating a panel during  the inaugural convening of the Arts Administrators of Color DMV Network.

    Session Background

    Panelists share their challenges in building capacity and the creative strategies that lead to new funding opportunities.

    Session Participants


    • Alison McNeil, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, McNeil Creative Enterprises


    • Ruby Harper Lopez, Director of Local Arts Services, Americans for the Arts, Americans for the Arts
    • Takenya LaVisount, Senior Grants Program Manager, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County
    • Regan Spurlock, Grants Programs Manager, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
  • Thu
    3:00 pmSteinberg Dietrich Hall - University of Pennsylvania
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    For the last several years, National Arts Strategies (NAS) and the University of Pennsylvania hosts the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy for early to mid-career professionals in the arts and culture sector, as well as those seeking to enter the sector.

    The University of Pennsylvania faculty, the NAS team and some of the best and brightest leaders working in the world come together to deliver tested tools, frameworks and expert industry knowledge to help  develop understanding of the business side of the industry. The program is part distance learning and part in person convening.

    During the in-person convening, at the University of Pennsylvania, Alison McNeil discusses how to plan for a fruitful online learning experience. She shares strategies for success, common barriers and pitfalls, and best practices applied during the online learning experience.

  • Thu
    9:30 amArts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County Silver Spring Civic Buildling, Betty Mae Kramer Gallery 1 Veterans Plaza Silver Spring, MD 20910
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    Alison with her Third Eye Cultural Collaborative colleagues facilitated discussions and exercises that provided guidance on how data can support arts organization's efforts to understand current demographics, engage new audiences, and identify varied approaches to leveraging data to plan for the future.



  • Thu
    2:30 pmAmericans for the Arts Webinar Series

    A thriving network chapter needs a clear structure and strategy to ensure continuity and relevant programming. Often networks are started by a couple of energetic individuals doing it all but if they forego proper planning and recruitment they will ultimately face burnout and a dying network.

    Join consultant and planning expert Alison T. McNeil and Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles Advisory Board member Lauren Nichols for a conversation on how to approach the planning process in order to create a strong framework and grow a successful and sustainable network. McNeil is the Founder & President of McNeil Creative Enterprises. She has experience consulting with Emerging Leader Networks, including Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles, on strategic visioning and building a strong foundation.

    Webinar participants should expect insight on the following topics:

    • What to Consider When Launching an Emerging Arts Leaders(EAL) Network
    • How to Plan for EAL Network Success
    • Common Issues/Challenges Faced by EAL Networks
    • Techniques to Address Issues/Challenges
  • Sat
    3:00 pm2016 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention - Sheraton Boston
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    Join the deputy director of Fractured Atlas to discuss ways to foster innovation even inside risk-averse organizations, such as most nonprofits. This session addresses issues of capacity, diversity/equity, engagement, evaluation, and leadership.

    Session Speaker: Tim Cynova, Deputy Director, Fractured Atlas.

    Session Moderator: Alison McNeil, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, McNeil Creative Enterprises