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  • Thu
    2:30 pmAmericans for the Arts Webinar Series

    A thriving network chapter needs a clear structure and strategy to ensure continuity and relevant programming. Often networks are started by a couple of energetic individuals doing it all but if they forego proper planning and recruitment they will ultimately face burnout and a dying network.

    Join consultant and planning expert Alison T. McNeil and Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles Advisory Board member Lauren Nichols for a conversation on how to approach the planning process in order to create a strong framework and grow a successful and sustainable network. McNeil is the Founder & President of McNeil Creative Enterprises. She has experience consulting with Emerging Leader Networks, including Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles, on strategic visioning and building a strong foundation.

    Webinar participants should expect insight on the following topics:

    • What to Consider When Launching an Emerging Arts Leaders(EAL) Network
    • How to Plan for EAL Network Success
    • Common Issues/Challenges Faced by EAL Networks
    • Techniques to Address Issues/Challenges
  • Sat
    3:00 pm2016 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention: Boston, MA

    Join the deputy director of Fractured Atlas to discuss ways to foster innovation even inside risk-averse organizations, such as most nonprofits. This session addresses issues of capacity, diversity/equity, engagement, evaluation, and leadership.

    Session Speaker: Tim Cynova, Deputy Director, Fractured Atlas.

    Session Moderator: Alison McNeil, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, McNeil Creative Enterprises