Who We Are

We Are Fierce Advocates For Arts & Culture.

Who Are We?

We are artists, arts administrators, development professionals, researchers, subject matter experts and evaluators.  We are committed to improving company culture, reinvigorating program operations, igniting growth, and facilitating change in the arts & culture sector. Our values – compassion, transparency, and curiosity – guide everything we do. Our approach removes the roadblocks and creates the roadmaps that contribute to healthy work environments,  increased access to funding, opportunity, and holistic programming.


What Are Our Core Values?

We approach each engagement with compassion, transparency and curiosity. We work with our clients (Dance/USA, Memphis Music Initiative, The Barr Foundation, and more) to get a sense of who they are, how they arrived there, what their goals are and how to create a realistic and actionable roadmap for their future.



“Art is the one place we all turn to for solace.”

~Carrie Mae Weems

What Do We Believe?

Art transforms lives. Art builds community. Art improves holistic health. Art fuels change. Art makes the intangible tangible. We believe that through compassion, transparency and curiosity we can address the change we seek. 

How Do We Work?

We recognize that every organization we support is unique and in need of creative customized solutions to grow its vision. We form custom teams of artists, arts administrators, researchers, evaluators and subject matter experts to support every client engagement. We design culturally responsive methodologies and participatory approaches to support our client’s needs. We apply the knowledge and networks we’ve gained from years of working with arts organizations, grantmakers, social enterprises, state and federal government, and community-based organizations to apply a tried-and-true process for our client engagements. Then, we walk with you hand-in-hand to implement it.


We Are Here To Support You!

McNeil Creative Enterprises (MCE) is committed to improving company culture, reinvigorating program operations, igniting growth and facilitating change in the arts and culture sector. We provide tactical organizational development solutions that help our clients strategically position themselves to achieve their goals. We remove the roadblocks and create the roadmaps to contribute to healthy work environments, increased access to funding and opportunity, and holistic programming.

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