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Angelica Cortez

Creative Senior Consultant

Angelica assists with data collection and strategy for MCE.


She is a Los Angeles-born arts leader working at the intersection of music, education, and justice. She has held several positions in the arts field as an educator, administrator, consultant, and organizational leader. Her experiences have given her skill sets in building meaningful relationships between arts organizations and the communities they are a part of, facilitating meaningful dialogue in equity-centered practices in the arts, leading fundraising efforts, and supporting organizations in building strategic plans that support them in reaching their institutional goals.

She has worked for the Los Angeles Philharmonic on YOLA, Gustavo Dudamel’s signature program offering music education and academic support to 1,500 young people in Los Angeles and across the country. She was responsible for the launch of YOLA National programs, which included annual Symposia for administrators and educators, music festivals and college support for young people, and several national and international tours.

Angelica was selected as one of eleven fellows for Sphinx LEAD (Leaders in Excellence, Arts, & Diversity), a two-year leadership program designed to evolve the industry landscape by empowering the next generation of executive leaders. She is an active speaker, educator, and consultant, recently connecting with students at Cornell University, University of California Berkeley, and University of Southern California.

Fun Facts.

Outside of her work and a healthy obsession with music and arts education, she loves writing, cooking, running, reading, and her community.

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

~John F. Kennedy