Eboni Jones

Eboni Jones

Creative Project Coordinator

Eboni Jones is an arts administrator who is passionate about the preservation and advancement of the arts and the role the arts play in culture and society. She joins McNeil Creative Enterprises as the Project Coordinator, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in the non-profit sector as someone who is motivated by organizing projects to maximize efficiency.

Eboni graduated with her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. She has spent many years sharing her love for her craft by performing and teaching throughout the country. Eboni transitioned full time into the role of administrator when she began working as the director of a dance program. She has spent this time working on everything from program management to stage and production management on small and large scales.

In her spare time, Eboni enjoys spending time with her family and friends, “getting her life” in a dance class, or reading a good book.

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

~John F. Kennedy