Emanda Thomas

Emanda Thomas, Ph.D

Creative Program Evaluator

Emanda Thomas, Ph.D., MPP, AHC, CAS has more than 10 years of professional experience working as a researcher and evaluator. For seven years, she was a Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Professional with WestEd’s Evaluation Research Program. Her work involved federal, state, district, and non-profit level monitoring, policy analysis, and program evaluation to inform policy and program decisions for Federal School Choice Program Grants. She led many teams in project completion and was a part of the three-person management team that developed the monitoring and evaluation activities, frameworks, and materials alongside the clients. She was also responsible for training monitors, preparing grantees, ensuring the timely and successful completion of evaluation reports, writing summary reports, and thus reporting team findings to the US Department of Education and their Grantees.

She left with a desire to learn better self-care practices to support her goals for a better work-life balance. She found Yoga and Ayurveda and received professional certifications in both areas. Emanda is passionate about breaking the chains of toxic professional cultures and excited to contribute to spaces that are heart-filled, compassionately driven, and add value to those served. She is thrilled to be in a compassionate and service driven space that reminds her of the immense value that arts and creativity bring to daily life.

She is also passionate about incorporating her love for singing into her life and return to the stage. Emanda competed in many talent shows as a teen and even won a local Apollo Showcase. Her most challenging and enjoyable performance was a short set culminating a 10-week Vocal Jazz Workshop at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria, VA. Emanda is grateful to be more closely aligned to the arts in her current role at MCE. She also looks forward to returning to the stage to perform in another Jazz showcase.

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

~John F. Kennedy