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    Joys & Pitfalls of Conducting Program Evaluations in the Arts & Culture Sector

    University of North Carolina, Wilmington

    Program evaluation is a multidisciplinary, rapidly expanding, global field. As such, guest speakers -from a variety of disciplines-have been invited to the University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW) to host events that will broaden student understanding of how evaluation is applied in diverse, real-world contexts.

    Alison has been invited to host two events at UNCW. During these events she will explore the critical elements for sound program evaluation in the arts and culture sector. By describing lessons learned along the way, Alison will highlight the importance of diversity of thought,  inclusion, community engagement, and a holistic look at programs to inform future planning, advocate for needs, and create policy change. The intended audience  is undergraduate and graduate students across Watson College of Education departments (1) Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Literacy, & Special Education (2) Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education, and (3) Educational Leadership. Additional attendees may include UNCW students from various academic departments across campus (e.g., arts, public administration), including students minoring in Leadership studies.