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  • Fri

    Forming a Cultural Konbit

    3:30pm ETCommon Field Annual Convening: Sustaining Futures

    Presenters: Mina Matlon, Alison McNeil, Kaitlyn Wittig Mengüç

    Drawing inspiration from the West African concept of konbit, unprogrammed Quaker meetings, and scholastic traditions of artistic critiques, Forming a Cultural Konbit will harness the collective work and wisdom of session participants in order to offer feedback and support on key issues or questions participants are struggling with in their respective areas of work. These seemingly disparate concepts are grounded in communal learning and support—from a focus on cooperative labor, to the rejection of a hierarchy, to the recognition that dialogue and debate can offer a critical investigation of contemporary practices towards action.

    Structured as a working group during the 2021 annual Common Field Convening, the session will invite participants to collaborate in the development of shared values and vision for the group, to exchange ideas and knowledge with the co-presenters and each other during a demonstration konbit, and to continue to learn from and support each other by considering strategies for reconvening over the course of the next year and beyond.