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  • Thu

    The Black Report: The State of the Union for Blacks in Dance - Preliminary Results

    8:00 amInternational Association of Blacks in Dance Conference: Los Angeles, CA


    The International Association of Blacks in Dance  (IABD) is part of the Comprehensive Organizational Health Initiative (COHI) funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. COHI builds organizational resiliency within the national arts ecosystem by broadening access to resources in underserved regions, creating more equitable systems of support for artists and cultural organizations, and strengthening community participation. While participating in COHI, IABD launched an effort to document the stories of blacks in dance as informed by a representative sample of IABD member organizations in a report called The Black Report: The State of the Union for Blacks in Dance.  MCE is a contributor to this report.

    IABD and MCE presented the preliminary results from The Black Report  during the 2018 IABD conference in Los Angeles, CA.